Natural Remedies For Today

 Natural Remedies For Today

Natural Remedies For Today

Writer:admin Update: 2017-01-03

 When there is an emergency such as light relief from hot stove burn or headaches, unrelenting and painkillers of all kinds are often the first thing to give him his hand, and knowing they are facts and relieve the pain. Even when we know that old familiar works we read and hear about the studies proving to us that much more natural.

These studies are that send us to find in homes and pharmacies alternative natural results faster and healthier generally and without side effects.

Bought at the supermarket and in case of need. 

Sore muscles

What did ever escaped pain creams containing methyl slicilt usually a mod and notpleasant. And if in case you users on blood thinners the combination of the two can cause dangerous side effects. So what do we do? Use cherry juice


Cherry juice

Drinking two glasses a day of cherries which is anti-inflammatory can relieve muscular aches caused due to load exercise you did yesterday. A study conducted in 2009showed that when marathon runner SIP a glass of cherry juice twice a day for a week before a race, they reported reduced pain of at least 70% after the race than those who don’t drink.


Second-degree burn

What we had before? Ointments that contain antibiotics and other active ingredients that sometimes caused an allergic reaction and rash. And today???? Use honey.


First degree burns and a second patient with honey heal almost twice faster than those treated by traditional ointments that appears in the Indian Journal of plastic surgery. Antibacterial properties of honey make it hurt to sterile faster which reduces the likelihood of infection.

In the case of a burn Rinse gently open with cold water and then apply a thick layer of honey on sterile gauze and gauze placed on the affected area, cover with gauze bandage and above (if you do not improve after a few days consult your doctor.)


Used to ingest large quantities of painkillers that may cause internal organs such as the kidneys and the stomach and we now have the chrysanthemum.


In recent years there has been interest in this plant after studies showed its effectiveness in treating migraines and arthritis. A combination of feverfew and significantly reduced the pain of migraine few hours on 63 percent of sufferers.


Used to refer to the pharmacist and ask medication decongestants that miibshot the runny nose and cough medicines you can buy without a prescription, although these medicines relieve symptoms, they do not help recovery and strengthening the body and today!!! The King is an elder


Elderflower extract

Research on adults; 70 patients gave elder syrup and some a placebo. In the first 48hours of the onset of flu symptoms who took elder (one tablespoon of syrup four times a day for two days at least) felt better within days compared to those who tooka placebo feel better only after four days. The oval outline was proven effective against 10 strains of influenza virus, although still sound the voices which are deemed tonegate this extract.

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